Truckload Solutions
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Factory project cargo air freight agent forwarder service by Kapoklog

Because kapoklog Logistics manages so many different modes of transportation around the world, our Project Cargo team has a wealth of local, practical expertise to call on. Working closely with your own people, they will build and manage your special project from first concept through to delivery. Whatever the size, weight or complexity of handling.

Multiple Modes of Transportation

Regardless of commodity size, weight, or configuration, we can propose the most suitable solution by combing multiple modes from end-to-end, complete with full visibility

  • Conventional vessel
  • RORO vessel
  • Container break bulk loading, including oversized containers
  • Air freight
  • Air and marine Charter
  • Inland water transport by barge
  • Costal marine transportation
  • Land transportation of ultra-heavy cargo by multi axel modular trailer

Project Logistics Management

We take the lead for global logistics planning, using control tower methodology, with complete visibility

  • Full turnkey base factory relocation logistics
  • Project planning and project management
  • Overall logistics control, right down to mobilizing and monitoring on-site teams
  • Vendor management, where we have special expertise in the auto, aerospace and renewable Energy sectors
  • Delivery and on-site erection
  • Complete with all the necessary supporting IT solutions

Supplementary Solution

When required, we can provide all the supplementary value-added support, tailored into a fully integrated service.

  • Consulting and total logistics planning
  • Road survey and feasibility study
  • Site supervision
  • IT solutions, including progress visibility, supported with full Key Performance Indicators

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